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Environmental Justice

The Environmental Justice (EJ) Committee was established by a vote at a General Meeting in the Fall of 2021. The EJ Committee focuses on issues of air, water, land, and space- their use and contamination; that have effects on individuals, families, groups, organizations and neighborhoods. We know that such issues, are often, not equally distributed, and that environmental damage that is done, often falls on those exploited by economic poverty, social, racial, and other forms of segregation and discrimination.

While such realities, are often unequally distributed, they create costs across all of society.

We work to improve environmental justice, by identifying damaging pollution, in our local communities, seeking to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, current and residual pollution; and recognizing the links to the harmful effects of climate change; and taking appropriate actions.

We welcome individuals, community and organizational partners; of all ages, to challenge polluting businesses, to work with city and town governments; and other appropriate public sector agencies. Among our activities, are public workshops, archives research, and other projects, that serve the communities within our jurisdiction: Arlington, Everett, Malden, Medford, Winchester, and Woburn; and nearby effected areas.

The Committee meets monthly, on the first Monday of the month, from 5:00PM-6:00PM, presently by Zoom.

If you are interested in learning more, attending a meeting or joining this committee contact

Recent Statements

GetTheLeadOut 10282023 Medford.png

Check out the most recent news release from the Environmental Justice Committee regarding their upcoming event.


The Environmental Justice Committee recently released a statement regarding the environmental and racial injustices at Roosevelt Park in Malden, MA.

Read the statement here.

Read more about the environmental justice issues at Roosevelt Park in Malden. Learn more about the issues in regards to artificial turf

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