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On May 20, 2023, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored
People (NAACP) Board
of Directors approved the charter of the

NAACP Mystic Valley Youth Council.

The purpose and aim of the Youth Council is to inform youth of the problems affecting African-Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities, to advance the economic, educational, social and political status of African-Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities and their harmonious cooperation with other peoples, to stimulate an appreciation of the African Diaspora and other people of color’s contribution to civilization; and to develop an intelligent and militant youth leadership. These objectives shall be pursued in accordance with the policies of the Association.

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The Youth Council is open to any person under the age of 25.

Youth from any of the Mystic Valley Area catchment towns and cities, or neighboring communities are welcome and encouraged to get involved!

Please fill out the online membership formand check off one of the Youth Membership options.

Or print and mail in the downloadable paper form below.

If under 18, please also complete the following two forms:

Parent/Guardian Permission & Consent Form

Contact Information Form

For questions please contact us at

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